Robin Smith-Peck

Ink, acrylic, beeswax, and resin on panels
24" x 60" x 1"

Anthologies: a collection of chance encounters is on view at the Peter Robertson Gallery from March 14 to April 6, 2019.

“Seemingly insignificant things in our homes can trigger powerful memories, whether it’s a lamp we read by on long winter evenings or the checkered cloth on a table where we share conversations with an old friend.
Robin Smith-Peck’s Edmonton studio is filled with shards that evoke such memories. Piles of paper surround her, even spilling onto the floor as she assembles her mixed-media prints. Scanned foliage from a garden she once grew, bits of her own drawings and all manner of other intimate imagery have found their way into the collages featured in Anthologies: a collection of chance encounters, on view at the Peter Robertson Gallery in Edmonton from March 14 to April 6.
But once a work is completed, few of the original images are readily recognizable. Smith-Peck cuts and compiles bits of paper into new images that are as mysterious and evocative as the memories they comprise. For example, Bluing, similar in scale to a Japanese landscape scroll, is filled with small objects that read as geese, crouching figures or clouds floating in an indigo sky. “
Agnieszka Matejko
Galleries West

Robin Smith Peck (MVA University of Alberta) has spent most of her career in northern Canada. She grew up in Goose Bay, Labrador and has taught printmaking in the remote communities of Holman, Cape Dorset and Iqaluit. Originally born in Newfoundland, and now residing in Alberta, Robin Smith-Peck has exhibited her artwork across Canada and internationally.